For our buyers who report taxes with an ITIN number can buy a property by using our ITIN program.

Types of Loan

ITIN  program is available across various loan types: Conventional Loans, FHA Loans, Niche Occupation Loans, and more!

Full Document

The Full Document ITIN program will require you to present 2 years’ worth of taxes.

Bank Statements

The bank statement ITIN program will require you to present either 12 or 24 months worth of bank statements.

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Features of Down Payment Assistance

All loans are not created equal, ITIN Program has become a great option for people to use.

Buy without SSN

Purchase a property without having a social security number! An ITIN program can help you attain homeownership. If your credit, documentation, and income add up NOTHING should keep you from achieving home ownership.

ITIN Program - Eligibility

The ITIN program requires you to come in with a certain percentage for a down payment and also has a minimum credit requirement.

Down Payment Required

Down Payment beginning at 20%

Credit Score

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score beginning at 680 +

Frequently Ask Questions

The bank and lenders set the guidelines for the loan. We do not decide the down payment

If you do not report taxes you can use the ITIN bank statement program.

No our applications come with no commitment necessary. This means that if you simply want to apply and learn of your home buying options you can do that. Our team will simply reach out to you and let you know how far you are from homeownership.

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